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Style vs Fashion StylingCo. known as (SvF) is a full-service wardrobe styling company based in Kansas City Missouri. We combine personal styling and life coaching services to develop our clients look at any perceived imperfection to both men and women. We offer personal styling services as well as closet declutter & organizing but our #1 service is Style Coaching. A service only completed by a Certified Style Coach working one on one to help you accomplish a new look, new confidence and become the person you desire to be the most. 

 Founder, DeVione Branscumb the 1st Certified Style Coach in the region and the 11th in the country, started the company in 2020.  Leveraging her collegiate fashion merchandising studies and many years working inside high-end retailers such as Michael Kohrs and Aldo, she decided to deploy her skill set for individuals. SvF is presently a wardrobe styling company with two key departments:  Styling and Creative. The styling department presently house 3 personal stylists and 3 certified style coaches. The style team of independent contractors recruit and manages their own clients through our company CRM. The system allows all team members to manage contracts, emails, invoices, and client profiles all in one place. Our company provides infrastructure benefit for new stylists that comes with the camaraderie of joining an existing team of professionals. These benefits have been key in recruiting new stylists. The second department the Creative Department, oversee all fashion show projects, client photoshoots and any collaborations. This department also manages all event-based projects that have an external marketing benefit to the company.


As a company we believe that true style comes from the combination of inner and outer confidence. 'You can't have style with terrible levels of confidence and self-esteem', you also can not 'be the best you can be everyday if you have a poor tone of voice, poor posture and a heavy load of negative thoughts holding you back from being your true self. SvF will help you set & achieve goals, not only for the improvement of your outer appearance but also for internal feelings.  We want all of our clients to become effortlessly stylish & comfortable in your own skin.

Meet The Team


DeVione Branscumb

Certified Style Coach
Kansas City, MO

I have always been fascinated with the definition between Style and Fashion and I also knew style was something I was personally good at. I attended Stephens College in Columbia MO where my passion for fashion grew and the meaning for both became a life changing moment. I became a Certified Style Coach at the Style Coaching Instistute and I am the founder of Style vs Fashion StylingCo. I am the 1st Certified Style in Kansas City and the 11th in the United States. I am on a mission to create a home for Certified Stylist, personal stylist and a place to grow for the creative 

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Harriet Chunu

Certified Style Coach
United Kingdom

I was born and raised in London, United Kingdom. My first love for styling started when I was a child, dressing up my Bratz dolls and playing in my own clothing. Little did I know this love for fashion and style poured over into my adult life and I became a style influencer for others which lead me to the Style Coaching Insistute to become a Certified Style Coach. My philosophy is to make style and wardrobe stress free, expressive and liberating. My personal style is classic & romantic with a little bit of chic and edge. 

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Tasha Merulla 

Personal Stylist
New Beach California

Resurrected Rebellion is a unique couture handbag line as well as personal styling. Tasha believes that you do not need to be rich to have taste and style. Take a good look at your closet and ask yourself...Do I have every kind of outfit for any occasion in my wardrobe? Do I know how to edit my style? Do I feel good after I get dressed every morning? If the answer is NO to any of these questions than you are in the right place. Come with me on a journey of self -discovery through your closet. I promise you will no longer feel stressed getting dressed every morning. Book Now 


Spencer Johnson

Personal Stylist 
Kansas City, MO

Spenny Styles 

I Love Jesus

Creative Genius 

Professional Stylist

Girl Mom