Discover Your
Body Type

                     Hour Glass
Key Factors- Your shoulders are about the same width as your hips. You have a clear defined waist.
Fuller figure frame may have generous bust and hips.

Choose- Fitted or figured-hugging clothes that embrace your figure. Wrap tops and dresses. Blazers that are closely tailored at your beautiful waist. Round, boat or v-neck styled shirts are recommended.

Avoid- Styles that create imbalanced boxy or masculine. Double breasted. Straight cut jeans or trousers.

Aim: Celebrate your balanced figure and emphasis your feminine curves.

                      Inverted Triangle

Key Factors- Your shoulders are wide in comparison with your hips. Slender hips, straight waist, longer legs. Fuller figure, you have a generous bust, heavier arms and shorter waist.


Choose- Tailored jackets, Deep v-necks, halter neck, wide leg, boot cut jeans, boyfriend, puff sleeves to balance out narrow hips and detailed bottoms.

Avoid- Horizontal stripes, bulky tops, bomber jackets and off the shoulder.

Aim: Show off your lovely legs and add volume to your bottom. Accent hips for balance.


Key Factors- Your bust, waist and hips are all quite similar measurements. Straight shoulder line, torso and bottom. Very little waist definition. Fuller figure might look sturdy and strong, carrying weight evenly.


Choose- Midrise bootcut jeans or flare to add balance. Fitted or flare dresses to create a waistline. Tops that can be tucked, bold colors and prints. Belted waistline at all times. Wrap dresses and tops.

Avoid- Cropped pants, high waisted, boyfriend or straight cut jeans. Boxy styles such as military.

Aim: Dress your body shape to highlight your waist to create a curvaceous silhouette.


Key Factors- Your shoulders are round (sloping). Tend to carry weight around the tummy area. No waist definition. Your overall silhouette is curvaceous and shapely.

Choose- Wrap dresses and tops. Soft, light weightless fabrics. Gently flared a-line dresses. Mid-rise, boot-cut or straight jeans with stretch. Vertical stripes to elongate figure.

Avoid- Ruffles, flounces, or bows. Leggings, elasticated waistbands. Full or pleated skirts. Large prints.

Aim: To create a waist and more structured shoulder line. Give the appearance of a hour-glass shape.


Key Factors- Your shoulders are narrow in comparison with your hips. Your waist is wider than your bust. You may have fuller hips and a curvy bottom. If you have a fuller figure, then you may have a fuller middle, shorter waist, noticeable saddle bags and fuller bottom.


Choose- Supportive shape wear. Jackets or blazers that sit below hips. Dramatic, chunky statement necklaces. Midrise jeans to support the lower tummy. Bootcut and flared jeans. dresses with dramatic sleeves, wide necklines and belted waist.


Avoid- Super tight clothing on the lower body. Jeans that are too tight or too low-rise (avoid muffin top). Baggy or boxy which adds bulk.


Aim: Bring attention and add volume to the top half, by widening the shoulders, accentuating your waist.